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90 minutes

All the ins and outs of feeding your newborn. We customize each consult to your personal history and feeding goals.


120 minutes

We complete a thorough review of mother/baby history and address all family concerns. Evaluation may include support of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, introduction of solids, pumping, infant weight gain, breast health and milk supply. In the case of toddlers, we will also assess feeding setup, mealtime stressors, and food repertoire. Clinician will complete a whole body assessment; reviewing oral motor skills & anatomy, nervous system function, whole body strength, alignment, and movement as it relates to feeding. We then work together to develop a plan that supports family goals.


60 minutes

We take a holistic approach to intervention, combining sensory-motor feeding therapeutics with functional movement, and bodywork. With older infants and toddlers we emphasize responsive feeding and playful engagement. And while we love to see change happen during session, our real goal is to empower families to carryout a home program that will further optimize feeding and oral development between visits.


45 minutes

As a specialty provider in tongue ties and myofunctional disorders, all of our therapy is "myo informed" from birth. However, true myofunctional therapy is appropriate for ages 4+. The goal is correct oral rest posture for airway, speech, feeding, and dental health. This modality may be combined with traditional feeding therapy as appropriate. We collaborate with other members of your child's healthcare team, which may include ENT, allergist, dentist, etc.


30/60 minutes

Virtual support is available to families outside the Spokane, Washington area. This is not direct therapy, but rather parent coaching. We work collaboratively to give you the confidence to feed your babies. Whether you need help building a team of tongue tie providers locally, want guidance on baby led weaning, or need help getting your toddler out of a food rut--we provide evidence-based guidance. 

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